Briyana Rainer

Central High School
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Matthew Lee

Christian Brothers High School
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Saie Ganoo

Collierville High School
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Elizabeth Zak

St. Agnes Academy
Foreign Language
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Maddy Murphy

Brighton High School
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Keyuree Satam

Lausanne Collegiate School
General Scholarship
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Bethany Beckham

Evangelical Christian School
Drama & Speech
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Kevin Sun

Collierville High School
General Scholarship
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Alana Olswing

St. Mary's Episcopal School
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Peyton Myers

Collierville High School
Social Sciences & History
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Salman Haque

Memphis University School
English & Literature
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Academic All-Stars: A program designed to recognize top high school students in the Memphis Metro area for academic excellence.

Academic All-Stars Luncheon: 11:30-1:30 p.m., Thursday, May 1, 2014 at the Hilton Memphis.

Purpose: The Commercial Appeal's Academic All-Stars program is designed to identify and recognize high school students in the Memphis metro area for excellence in academics, leadership and community service. Our goal is to show these young people that their accomplishments, discipline, and work ethic make a difference and are important ingredients for growing a rich thriving economy in our community. We want these high achievers to see Memphis and the Mid-South as the place they want to live and begin their professional careers after college.

Procedure: During 28 weeks of the 2013-2014 school year, six or seven high-achieving high school students will be named weekly as Academic All-Stars. Each will be pictured in half-page ads highlighting their academic excellence and will receive invitations to attend The Commercial Appeal's Academic All-Stars Awards luncheon in May with their parents. During the awards luncheon, winners will be announced in 10 academic disciplines.

Categories: There will be 10 categories of achievement. They are: Art, Drama & Speech, English & Literature, Foreign Language, General Scholarship, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Science & History, and Career-Technical. A schedule of deadlines for each category is provided in the attached calendar.

Qualifications: Scholarship, leadership, good character and community service are essential characteristics for an Academic All-Star nominee. The Academic All-Star in each category is given to the individual whose record of excellence, achievement and service to school and community best exemplifies the use of his or her talents. Guidelines for each category are included with the nomination form. However, general measurements to determine an individual's qualifications are:

  • Achievement - Accomplishments, honors and recognition represent evidence of purpose (as applied in the student's category), realization of goals and persistence.
  • Leadership - Initiative in constructive programs, poise in facing difficult problems and courage in meeting responsibilities are hallmarks of a good leader.
  • Good Character - The character of the individual can be judged by observing personal habits and attitudes. Good character includes the values of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Character may also be revealed by an individual's ability to overcome physical or environmental handicaps.
  • Community Service - How the nominee uses his or her talents to serve school or community is important. However, service does not have to be related to a nominee's category.

For more information, please call 901-529-2508 or email Mary Lou Brown